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Every director I know would love to genuinely ask a teacher "How are you?" - and to have the headspace to truly hear the answer. Two things are true: you care about your staff, and you feel pulled in one million different directions. Your best resources - time, money, and people - have become your greatest source of frustration.

Leading with Love can help. Find your way back to the love in your leadership, and cultivate grounded energy in yourself and your school.

In our next webinar, we will explore what it means to strike the balance between love and leadership. We will uncover how your own experiences with love, expectation, and support have influenced your Leader Self and your leadership journey. We will interpret your context to identify what you believe are the most powerful sources of love in your space. Finally, you will arm yourself with strategies to move through the rest of the week, month, and schoolyear with a grounded leadership approach.

Pre-registration is required. $25 registration, $19 early bird pricing through April 9th.


When: Monday, April 16th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Where: Zoom Webinar, link will be sent to participants upon registration

Find your way back to to the love in your leadership every third Monday!



Leading with Love is facilitated by Teacher Self Studio founder, Danielle Charron. Danielle is passionate about teacher wellbeing and strives to help all education professionals explore the self at the center of their work. She has worked as a teacher, administrator, and educational consultant. Danielle holds a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development. She is currently a Fellow in the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Education Program.

Kind words from others:

“Danielle provided a questioning framework that allowed me to think deeper and create meaningful tools that were not only an expression of what I thought and felt, but also items I could continuously refer to as needed for meaning-making, inspiration, goal-setting, and updating.” – Loretta Sturgeon, Mentor Teacher

“Danielle is as willing to be vulnerable in sharing her professional and personal struggles as she is in sharing her successes. She asks tough questions of those she works with, and of herself.” – Erica Knox, early childhood educator and former school leader